melissa lohman wild 
honey bee productions

Rooftop Bees

Director’s Statement:

Amidst the buzz of New York City, it’s pretty easy to feel disconnected from nature. I wanted to make a film about the possibility of connection to the natural world within an urban environment. Through his collaboration with thousands of honeybees who forage for nectar from local trees and flowers, John the beekeeper pays attention to nature’s cycles right here in Brooklyn.


honey jarbeeswatching bees

A film by Melissa Lohman Wild

Featuring John Howe
and his sturdy Fort Greene bees

Music by Sarah Plant

honey bee productions 2005

Thanks to:

Dave Arons
Jen Arons
Randi Cecchine
Josh Easdon
Habana Outpost
Cheryl Furjanic
Phil Lohman
Sidney and Sarah Lohman
Columbia McCaleb
Ted Pauly
Johnny Ramos
Andrea Rosen
Allison Roth
Christina Roth
Hope Roth
Angel Soto
Hope Tucker
Patricia Wild